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  A Creative Odyssey: The Story of Floyd and Richie
Let Me Be a Light: The Faith Journey of Father Ron Lawson
both by Richard L. Rotelli
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Let Me Be a Light: The Faith Journey of Father Ron Lawson is now available in
eBook format and compatible with Kindle, Nook and other electronic book readers.

Click here for the Kindle eBook reader edition
Click here for the Nook eBook reader edition

 There are several ways for you to order a copy of Let Me Be a Light: The Faith Journey of Father Ron Lawson:

ISBN10: 0-7414-6021-1  and/or  ISBN13: 978-0-7414-6021-9

1)      For the best printed quality as well as the latest version, order directly from the publisher:

Infinity Publishing
.  They are located at:
                             1094 New Dehaven Street, Suite 100
                             West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713

The easiest way to order from Infinity is to call their toll-free number: 

(877) BUY BOOK.  The actual number is (877) 289-2665

The cost for Let Me Be a Light is $21.95 plus shipping.
Infinity normally ships within 2 days of receipt of an order.

To order from Infinity on the Internet, click the following link:



2)      You can order from your favorite bookstore as well, or from several Internet sources, including the following (and read some additional reviews):


3)     Of course, you can always go to your local library and ask them to order it for you if they currently donít have it on their shelves. Give them the Infinity ordering information: toll-free (877) BUY-BOOK, or their website as shown in 1) above.

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