Richard L. Rotelli Books    
  A Creative Odyssey: The Story of Floyd and Richie
Let Me Be a Light: The Faith Journey of Father Ron Lawson
both by Richard L. Rotelli
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This page contains a collection of photographs, most are right from the book.

Floyd Walser at age 20 (1908)

Floyd’s “corn-crib” home, Texas circa 1915

Floyd inside his “corn-crib” home

Floyd at target practice: circa 1916

Edith Greene at piano circa 1924

Floyd reception at Longwood Towers 1932

Floyd and Roy Greene at Floyd’s car 1932

Floyd and Edith Greene at Floyd’s car 1932

Floyd in his car at unknown Indian village circa 1932

Floyd’s sketching car circa 1936

Floyd as art teacher 1936

Floyd as art teacher: close-up

Another group of young art students: 1936

Rotelli family in 1914

Richie: 1926

Richie and Lena: 1931

Richie 1931

Wedding day: 1933

Floyd and Richie: 1950

Floyd and the author: 1950

Floyd driving his chair to go fishing: 1950

Floyd with catch and hungry cat: 1950

Out on the lake: 1952

“Spots” as navigator: 1953

Floyd Walser gravestone


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