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  A Creative Odyssey: The Story of Floyd and Richie
Let Me Be a Light: The Faith Journey of Father Ron Lawson
both by Richard L. Rotelli
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Below are small samples of Floyd's artwork.  Click here for a slideshow of the artwork below with an original music score.  This is a large download (approx. 22mb), so it may take some time to download and open on some computers.  If this does not play on your computer click here to download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

Self portrait (circa 1920)

Early caricature - "Jury" (circa 1920)

Self portrait - "Tex"

"Harmony Home" pen and ink sketch

Edith Rowena Noyes - charcoal sketch

View from Floyd's studio apartment

Gates Street Elm

Portrait (unknown subject)

Col. Greene's Old Whaling Ship

"For Rent" - etching

Foster House - Framingham

Ford's Mill - Sudbury, MA

Portrait (unknown subject)

Sunset at cove and "Monkey Island"

Gates Street Elm

"Old Ironsides" - etching

Old Nixon Place - Framingham

Dogwood blossoms - pastel

Old Town Library - Framingham

"Winter Birches" at Harmony Home - oils

Plymouth Church

Gristmill - oils on canvas

Oregon trees - watercolor

"Special" tree - watercolor

Unknown house - oils w/pallet knife

Angela - charcoal sketch

"Harp Man"

Old Chestnut Trees

Fairbanks House: Dedham, MA - watercolor
(Oldest timber frame house in North America)

Unknown House - pencil sketch

Still life - watercolor

Fairhaven -watercolor

"Siesta Time" - watercolor


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